The One Way I’m Going to Practice Self Love This Valentine’s

I don’t usually give Valentine’s much attention.

Sure I’ve created a Valentine’s Red Velvet and Brownie Sundae in the past, but it was made and devoured way before the actual day.

I’ve never gone for a romantic dinner with a partner or gotten expensive gifts. I did once build a fort, which was pretty fun, and not your usual Valentine’s occurrence. This year though, this year I wanted to do something special, and not for a partner, but for myself. MissFits Nutrition is running the ‘Love Yourself This Valentine’s’ campaign, and I decided to jump right in.

I’m usually pretty good with the ‘practice self love’ stuff. I don’t talk down to myself, I keep my bedroom clean and de-cluttered for a healthy mind, I keep a gratitude journal and I’m not a stressed-out person. All-in-all, I feel I do pretty well.

The One Way I'm Going to Practice Self Love This Valentine's       The One Way I'm Going to Practice Self Love This Valentine's

The one thing I’m stepping up this year? The love I give my body. Not mentally talking myself up, but actual love. I’m going to exercise more and eat well, and keep it consistent. When I sweat, bend, stretch and move, my body feels infinitely times better, which in turns makes me feel infinitely times better both in my own skin and in my mind.

Good habits spur on good habits. After a smashing workout I am less likely to devour that whole cake or the entire batch of raspberry brownies I made while recipe testing – though it might still happen on occasions – and if we’re being completely honest, looking good in my favourite black jeans also doesn’t hurt.

It’s what feels right for me. Fitness is something that has taken some time for me to fall in love with, and it’s been an on and off relationship that I am not committed to make long-term. Getting stronger and fitter has been amazing, and though I still have a long way to go I’ve come such a long way from the girl who didn’t even know how to do a proper squat!

How are you going to practice self love this Valentine’s?

The One Way I'm Going to Practice Self Love This Valentine's