My Favourite Inspirational Fitness Instagram Accounts

Whenever I need some #sweatspiration (is that even a thing?) I tend to turn to Instagram.

My love for working out is up and down, sometimes I absolutely love it and then I’ll have a week when I just want to throw my alarm clock and gym shoes out the window – not my leggings though, bloody love them. So comfy. Anyways, for any such days or weeks, I arm myself with a few tricks to keep me going, one of them marrying my love for Instagram with motivation and inspiration to get my butt out the door and into a squat.

As of late Instagram has come under a lot of fire for creating unrealistic expectations and portraying a life which is curated and fake. While I do agree, there are also some incredibly inspiring accounts out there that offer some major realness. These girls just make fitness such an approachable subject, and whenever I find myself in need of a shove to the gym it’s their feeds that provide me with the motivation to work out – and many times with the workout itself!

Here are a few of my faves:

Lucy from The Fashion Fitness Foodie

This girl is not only a stunner, but she is super down to earth as well. Lucy is just one of those people on Instagram that make you feel comfortable with having off days, as she has them too. Had one chocolate bars too many? Just get back on track when you can. She doesn’t set unrealistic food expectations and merely shares what works for her without sugar coating it. Definitely one of the best fitness Instagrams out there.

Carly Rowena

Those abs! Carly is a stunner both inside and out, and is honestly one of the friendliest humans. She regularly posts workouts on her Instagram, and I’ve saved loads to take with me to the gym. Make sure you check out her YouTube as well for an insight into her routine, food, and adorable dog Steven.

Sarah from Sarah’s Day

Sarah honestly cracks me up! She is just so open that it makes you feel like you know her – even if she’s all the way in sunny Australia. She lives and breathes the healthy lifestyle, and can rock a handstand flow like no other. This is one inspirational fitness Instagram account that just makes me want to be her best gym buddy!

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Alex from The Lean Lawyer

I’ve recently come across Alex’s profile and I’m an immediate fan. She regularly posts about her recent weight-loss through Kayla’s BBG plan, and it’s pretty incredible what this girl has achieved. It’s such an inspiration to see someone who has committed to their fitness, and makes me feel like if she can then we all can as well!

Sarah Malcolm

Not only is Sarah such a babe, her Instagram is a perfect balance of fitness and food – I want all her meals, and to go with her to all her workouts around London. If you’re looking for someone who shows how fitness can fit into your life but not take over it, Sarah is your girl. It is all about balance!

Zanna Van Dijk

Personal trainer Zanna is a fitness Instagram staple. She recently published her first book and is an Adidas girl, but it’s Zanna’s approachable and friendly personality that keeps everyone addicted to her feed. It’s got everything from workouts, to travel, and yummy food – and lots of realness as well. She might be a fitness model and super in shape, but she makes sure to let her followers know that she knows her angles and to not create unrealistic body expectations. Like I said, #inspo.

Connie from CBeauty

Connie is still in her fitness journey, and as of now has about 3 weeks left of her 12-week plan. We’ve been getting exclusive insight into what it’s really like to go through such a transformation, and Connie shows you that you’re not alone, that it isn’t easy, but that it is oh so worth to keep going and not give up!