What’s In My Fridge? Veggie Staples I Always Have

My fridge is pretty awkward. Instead of being one tall one, I’ve got two small ones that make me squat and crouch down whenever I want to get access to its contents. Talk about making a girl work for her snacks. This also means I never casually open my fridge to think or lazily decide what I might want to snack on – it has to be an informed decision if I’m going to hunker down.

I love peeking into people’s fridges, so I thought I’d share the veggies side of my fridge with you guys today! I do one big shop every week, and then top up accordingly if I see I’m running low on stuff. Especially with things like greens that can so easily wilt I might have to buy more as I go through the week. I hate waste, so I try and never buy more than we’ll need. Waste not want not.

  • GREENS: I always make sure I’ve got some green leaves to toss into dishes and salads. Lately I’ve been embracing kale and chard as it’s winter. Spinach, rocket (arugula) and romaine lettuce are also household staples, but you can also get creative here with nettle leaf, beet tops, watercress and the likes. They’re powerhouses of nutrition, so learn to love your greens.
  • MICROGREENS: My latest and greatest love. Some research shows they have 4x the nutrition of their fully grown counterparts, plus they’re so adorable and easy to use. Love micro broccoli, wasabi microgreens, and micro radish greens. Also super Instagram friendly 😉
  • FERMENTED GOODS: sauerkraut and kimchi are my go-to for the tummy loving, gut supporting benefits. I add a spoonful to my lunches and dinners and have to keep myself. Make sure you got for a raw and unpasteurised to get the benefits.
  • BERRIES: My favourites are blueberries and raspberries to throw onto porridge bowls, yogurts, and smoothies. If they’re out of season, you can buy frozen berries (it’s actually cheaper) and use just as you would normal ones #hack
  • SNACKS: I love a good yogurt bowl, so I always keep some kind of yogurt at home – be it a plant based one made from almonds or coconut, or a thick organic greek yogurt. Other great options are protein balls (homemade or bought) that can be easily thrown into your bag. Also love a good green juice (no fruit) for a pick-me-up or shaken with some vanilla protein powder.
  • HUMMUS: I easily go through a pot a week. Dollop onto buddha bowls, as a delicious dip, spread onto toast (top with microgreens and kraut for extra oomf), or just eat it out of the pot with a spoon. No shame.
  • VEGGIES: stock up on bright and colourful veggies to toss into salads or use as a conveyor for the aforementioned hummus. Peppers, carrots, beets, Brussels’ sprouts, fennel, cucumber, radishes. Vary it up and eat the rainbow.
  • TUP LIFE: I keep a pretty extensive collection of glass containers and jars to store cooked foods, chopped veggies, my packed lunch to take into work, and to make copious amounts of overnight oats,

Full disclosure – I totally organised my fridge for this, there is no way it usually looks “neat”-ish.

What's In My Fridge