3 Simple Ways I Have More Protein Without Eating More Meat!

Ever since deciding to commit to my fitness for real, I’ve also started to pay more attention to my diet, making sure I’m getting the adequate amount of protein that my muscles need to recover and that my body needs to stay healthy and fit. There is nothing I cut out of my diet, though I do try and limit the amount of cookies consumed in a day! I also listened to my lovely nutritionist friend and focus more in protein-based snacks to keep satisfied and my blood sugars stable.

When it comes to having more protein, I didn’t necessarily want to be eating chicken and eggs with every.single.meal because that would be boring as hell and I honestly didn’t want to be having meat all the time. I love beans, lentils, quinoa, rice, and the likes but personally felt I needed more variations that I could easily make and take anywhere with me.

So please find below 3 simple ways I’ve found that have helped me have more protein in my diet without eating more meat:

  1. Skyr

    This is a new discovery of mine, and I’ve been hooked. If you’ve had greek yogurt before, this is their Iceland cousin. It’s smooth and creamy, and super high in protein and naturally low fat. Apparently it’s something they’ve been eating in Iceland for ages, and we’re just catching up on it now. I mean, just the thought of Icelandic milk and water feels healthy already!

    I’ll usually buy a tub of Icelandic Skyr and add it anything and everything. A dollop into smoothies, on top of porridge, mixed with some granola and fruit, or even stirred with some chilli paste and olive oil for salads and dips. Oh, and anywhere you’d use mayo, Skyr can usually be a good substitute, even if just a spoonful.

    The recipe and details for this delicious pink Skyr and overnight oats bowl is up on my Instagram if you want to take a peek =)Overnight Oats with Skyr | Getting More Protein Without Eating Meat

  2. Pea Protein

    I’ve mentioned having protein before, and I still love it. I have protein powder almost every day, either added into my smoothies, as a shake after a workout, with some almond milk as a snack, or sneakily baked into oat-y banana protein bars.

    Currently my favourite is female protein brand MissFits Nutrition – I am a sucker for their coffee flavour with some ice cold almond milk – and it’s also backed by Harley Street Nutritionist Rhiannon (who is just such a babe) so I know I’m getting the good stuff with no unnecessary fillers or artificial sweeteners.

  3. Tempeh

    This was something I used to leave to restaurants, as the idea of cooking it myself used to freak me out a little bit, no idea why! Once I gave it a try, I realised it was actually quite easy and my fears were silly. It’s simple to make, keeps well, and I freeze any extra ones to always have it on hand.

    Throwing some in a pot with hummus and carrots also makes a delicious and easy to transport snack.If you’re keen to give it a try, I highly recommend my marinated tempeh bites.

These are 3 ways I have found that work for me, but if you’ve got any pressing concerns then obviously consult with your doctor. This post was sponsored by Icelandic Skyr, so thank you for supporting the amazing brands that help keep this blog alive and fresh!