Superfood Spotlight: Sauerkraut + Fermented Foods

With Christmas right around the corner, I wanted to do my next superfood spotlight about my little secret to maintaining a healthy and happy tummy – fermented foods.

If you see sauerkraut as that weird cabbage thing that is usually associated with frankfurters, it’s time we change that! Fermented foods are actually bursting with probiotics and enzymes. They’re also amazing for gut health, and there is even some research regarding it’s ability to fight cancer! Talk about superfood right?

SuperFood Spotlight: Sauerkraut and Fermented Foods

So what are fermented foods?

They’re foods that have been through a fermentation process, meaning that the natural bacteria in the food feed on the sugars and starches and create lactic acid. This is what creates the beautiful enzymes, vitamins, and probiotics that make this such an incredible superfood. Oh, and it also helps to preserve it, which means fermented foods tend to have a long fridge life!

How do I get it?

You could either make your own or buy it from a health foods shop.

If you do buy it, make sure it is raw and unpasteurised, or else it will have lost most of its nutritional awesomeness and you’ll be left just with some limp salty cabbage. A good hint is where it is in the shop. Raw fermented foods should be stored in the fridge, so that’s where you’ll find it!

My favourite fermented foods

Kombucha (I’ve talked about it here!)
Kefir (for vegans, I love coconut kefir)
Cultured cashew cheese
Cultured coconut yoghurt
Miso & Tamari (in moderation)

SuperFood Spotlight: Sauerkraut and Fermented Foods

They are super easy to incorporate into your diet.

A spoonful here, a dollop there, and you’ll be adding some amazing enzymes and nutrients to your body daily. I love having kimchi or sauerkraut with my meals, or some cultured coconut yogurt for breakfast, or some kombucha tea in the afternoon!

I buy mine from an awesome brand here in Australia called Peace Love & Vegetables (how awesome a name is that?) and I’ve tried everything they have to offer and haven’t found anything that I do not like!

SuperFood Spotlight: Sauerkraut and Fermented Foods

We all need that extra helping hand during this time of year, especially with all the champagne, wine, and delicious foods you’ll be having over the holiday! Do try and add it to your diet, and lemme know how you’re doing =)

Have an amazing Christmas everyone!!