What I’m Loving Lately 5.12.14

What to Pick up At a Flea Market!

I loved this post by The Kitchn on what things are best to pick up on a trip to a flea market! I sometimes felt myself hesitant on getting certain items at flea markets, as I was never sure if it was a good idea or not, and now I know!

Especially love how they also give tips about when to pass it up – something I definitely need to have under my belt!


Hungry For Change

I just loved this documentary! Hungry for Change was just so great to watch, and it has participation from some of my favourite people like Kris Carr (Crazy Sexy Cancer / Crazy Sexy Diet) and Dr. Alejando Junger (Clean).

It gave great insight into the food industry, especially when it comes to diet and sugar. So shocking (and sad really) that they can get away with so much. It makes me pretty pissed off that this goes on! Definitely worth a watch!


Port Douglas, in Queensland, Australia

I went to Port Douglas for a long weekend and absolutely loved it! The weather was amazing (super hot!) and I just had the time of my life!

We went diving in the Great Barrier Reef, swam in the Mossman Gorge, explored the Daintree Forest, snorkelled and swam, and ate some fresh and super delicious food. There was a coconut stall in the market that opened up my coconut after I happily slurped away all the water and filled it with sprouts, tamari, and tomatoes!

I found it super crazy that there are crocodile signs everywhere, and that even some beaches have no swimming because of them!! Definitely a new one to me!