My LA Trip – Where to Eat, A Hollywood Hike, and Harry Potter World!

Since we’re now in January, my mind is starting to get on vacation planning mode.

Christmas and New Years have passed, and the summer is still some time away. To keep my sanity, it’s usually around this time of the year that I start to plan getaways and holidays to get me through until the weather warms up. I go through past vacation pictures, and get nostalgic of past adventures.

If you follow me on YouTube or Instagram, you’ll know that I went to LA for the first time last year, and it was nothing short of fantastic.

Incredibly delicious food, great weather, and perfect company with two amazing friends has made this an unforgettable trip. I loved exploring Venice Beach, going up and down Abbott Kinney Blvd, and feeling like a kid again at Harry Potter World.

My Food Adventures:

The Butcher’s Daughter – – I went here for brunch and absolutely fell in love with the place. Marble tabletops, rose gold, and plants everywhere. It’s a foodie and Instagrammer’s dream all crammed into one. The menu is varied and everything sounds delicious, not to mention that it is all vegetarian and mostly vegan. No matter who you take though, it’s pretty much a guarantee there’ll be something for them to love. Oh, and their drinks menu is amazing, ranging from organic wine to cold brew coffee. A must visit on Venice Beach!

Kreation Juice  – They’re dotted around LA, but again my favourite location has to be Venice Beach. Eatery in the front and juice shop in the back, the variety of juices and smoothies on offer is pretty mind-blowing. The use glass bottles instead of plastic, which is a huge plus in eyes, and I’ve never had a bad juice from there.

Sugarfish Sushi – This was the first place we went for dinner as soon as I arrived, and it was absolutely delicious. The quality of the fish is just amazing, and I can only describe it as melting in your mouth. The rice is served slightly warm, which just makes it even more special. It works on three separate set menu’s, and I loved everything that came in mine. So much so we went there twice!

Malibu Farm – My favourite place to go! Not only is it beautifully located on Malibu Pier, where you can overlook the ocean, but the menu is incredible. You can go healthy or a bit more naughty, all while enjoying food that is organic and local. Be sure to get the cauliflower pizza as a starter, it’s a serious winner!

Ostrich Farm – Brunch here was incredibly delicious! The portions are very generous, so go with a big appetite or take leftovers home with you. Many healthy options on the menu, and cold brew coffee is a must.

Umami Burger – Not healthy, but very delicious! They do truffle burgers (!!), and I will never say to to anything with truffles on it! They also serve sweet potato fries as an option, which is always a plus. Prepare to leave full and very satisfied.