How the Amazon Families Live

On our third day, it was time to go visit the locals!

We jumped into our canoe and paddled away. It was quite the workout, but is it weird I found it quite fun?

Amazon Jungle - Brasil Amazon Jungle - BrasilAmazon Jungle - Brasil
That above, my dearies, is the famous superfood açai! To get it, they climb the tree and retrieve the fruit! So brave.Amazon Jungle - Brasil

We arrived at a simple hut, with children running around and animals playing about them.

They were all so welcoming, full of bright smiles and mischief looks children always carry. They were a family of a total of 16 children! They’d build their own house, and everyone slept in hammocks. There is currently no electricity in place, and they grow everything they consume.

Amazon Jungle - Brasil

They live mostly off mandioca (manioc), which they grow and grind into a flour, using the gigantic pan below to cook it (how else do you feed so many mouths?!)

Amazon Jungle - Brasil Amazon Jungle - Brasil
Chickens and roosters are used for eggs and meat.Amazon Jungle - Brasil
And of course there is no local chemist! The plant above soothes insect bites and helps with scaring.Amazon Jungle - Brasil
The manioc plantation. This should last them for year to come, until the soil becomes too used and they need to move the plantation elsewhere. Amazon Jungle - Brasil
The friendly neighbourhood spider!Amazon Jungle - Brasil Amazon Jungle - Brasil
Urucum is a natural dye – the seeds are a vibrant red!Amazon Jungle - Brasil

The youngest, Affonso, was such a sweetheart. Only three years old and such a fun little one!

The children attend school by a local boat that picks them up, they make their own toys, and run around barefoot and free. They help with the house and the washing (which is done in the river) and have so much energy!

No videogames, no television, no electricity. So much connection to nature and creativity, it was such a world apart from the families in London!