Surviving a Trek Through The Amazon Jungle

Last time we spoke I had just fished some piranhas and held a baby alligator – and that was only on my first day!

We woke up dark and early for our second, eager to see the sunrise. No such luck, as it turned out to be a cloudy one, but the views were stunning none the less!

I had never seen waterlilies this big!AmazonForest8
They have spikes underneath their fragile top – mother nature knew they’d be too vulnerable otherwise!AmazonForest9

As we were heading back for breakfast, my jaw dropped at the amazing sight.

We broke out from the trees into the river, only to be surrounded by thousands of white birds!

They were flying in all directions, and as far as the eye could see.

AmazonForest12 AmazonForest13 AmazonForest14

After a simple & delicious breakfast, it was time to trek through the forest!

We geared up in long trousers (well, I wore leggings – don’t do that. Trust me, wear trousers) and closed trainers, with rain jackets in hand.

Look at the fluffiness! AmazonForest20

Matthais taught us about the trees that can help us survive.

The one above if perfect for making noise – band it with something hard and it echoes through the forest!

With the one bellow, use the green sap to write messages or arrows with your fingers, or else scrape it from the tree and drink it for some water!


Finding food is quite hard in the jungle.

One way to survive is to do it like Bear Grills – eat some slugs.

The one below grows inside this little coconut. It eats the fruit it harbours and grows in its place. This supposedly gives it a very coco-nutty taste!

Dinner is served!AmazonForest18Oh, and if you’re thirsty? There is below a tree branch that provides some refreshing water once you cut it open.
AmazonForest16 AmazonForest15

Matt and I chose not to take the malaria pills – and it was definitely the right choice for us.

The tree below is what some malaria pills are made with! The locals drink it on a regular basis, and I had a tiny taste – it was horrible! So so bitter.


Now, since it is a rain forest, it is quite difficult to make a fire – everything is wet!

But, as Matthias proved, if you have a machete (and intense jungle knowledge) you can make basically anything happen.

He scraped this tree with the blade, and then lit the bits on fire. Voilá!

AmazonForest1 AmazonForest3 AmazonForest4 AmazonForest6
Crossing the above log took all the balance in me. I was so proud I didn’t fall into the deep end of this creek!AmazonForest

Exploring the jungle this way was such a fun adventure!

I tried to make a mental note of everything, in case, ya know, I ever get stranded in the middle of the forest. Can’t hurt to be prepared!

Before this I am sure my chances would’ve been minimum, but now I feel I might just have a chance!