Getting Soaked at Iguazu Falls, Brazil

Never in my life have I seen so much water!

Now, before you point out the obvious to me, that I was at one of the worlds most famous falls, so duh there was so much water, I’ll have you know that it has rained so much the volume of the falls is very intense at the moment!

I first went to Iguazu when I was 16, and back then it looked like a meek little creek (or maybe not) compared to the force it has now. It’s impossible to go out into the platform and not get head-to-toe soaked! Even the colour of the water has changed there is so much of it! And the current? Scarily fierce!

None-the-less, this place is stunning!

Iguazu-Falls-2 Iguazu-Falls-3 Iguazu-Falls-4
It’s like he’s having a shower!Iguazu-Falls-7 Iguazu-Falls-6
See! Everyone is soaked! Thank god for raincoats.Iguazu-Falls-8

You can hear the water before you see it.

You walk along a path, surrounded by green trees, and start to see these stunning falls coming closer and closer. Every turn has a new sight and a new angle. It’s impossible not to want to stop at every one of them and take it all in.

Iguazu-Falls-10 Iguazu-Falls
These little rascals are cute, but can get quite wild when there is food involved.Iguazu-Falls-5 Iguazu-Falls-9 Iguazu-Falls-11

During the day, explore the national park. There are many activities to keep you busy, from exploring the falls on foot, so taking a boat and getting (even more) soaked, and taking a bike tour through the reserve (perfect marriage of fun and exercise!). For kids, the bird park is also a good shout!

There are many places to stay in the town, but the Belmond Hotel das Cataratas is the best in my opinion. It’s located inside the park (it’s the only one!) which means you can walk to the falls whenever you want! Find them here.

If you like natural beauty, then this place is for you!