The Magic of Machu Picchu

I last left you when I was putting my feet up after our trek.

I woke up with sore muscles after a mere 5 hour sleep (hey, I need my 8 hours ok?!) but still jumped out of bed. I could barely contain myself with excitement, as this was the day we were going to finally reach Machu Picchu (which in Quechua means Old Peak)!

After all the trekking, this was it, our final destination. My expectations were high, and not only did this place not disappoint, it exceeded anything I could’ve imagined.

Machu-Picchu-Peru-2 Machu-Picchu-Peru-4
This was the view we had from the Sun Gate. Not bad ei!Machu-Picchu-Peru-3 Machu-Picchu-Peru-6

The whole experience is so humbling.

Built at the height of the Inca Empire, around 1450, you just have so much history around you! Along with such stunning scenery (it’s 2,430 metres above sea level!) it’s impossible to not lose your breathe in the sight of it all. I know I did. It just all feels so magical!

Machu-Picchu-Peru-16 Machu-Picchu-Peru-8 Machu-Picchu-Peru-15 Machu-Picchu-Peru-13 Machu-Picchu-Peru-9

The lost city of the Incas really is fascinating!

It gives such insight into how they lived, how they studied the stars, their temples and what they believed in. For a site from the 15th century, this place is rather well preserved despite the earthquakes and tourist visits it has suffered.

It all just seems so foreign compared to modern society, so lost and unknown. I guess that is what makes it so magical, isn’t it?

Machu-Picchu-Peru-11 Machu-Picchu-Peru-14 Machu-Picchu-Peru-12 Machu-Picchu-Peru-10

I cannot recommend going there enough. It really is one of the wonders of the world!

We did everything with Alpaca Expeditions (find them here), and our guide Henry was great. They have several different treks and trails, so I definitely recommend checking them out if you’re headed there.

If you’re not up for doing a trek there, you can simply take a train to Aguas Calientes and then a bus from there. Up to you, but please, go there!