Sydney Eats: The Boathouse, Palm Beach

The Boathouse Palm Beach

Like any normal human, I have an ever-growing hit list of restaurants, cafes, and eateries that I want to try.

The Boathouse in Sydney had been top priority in my list, and when I finally did get to go I was far from disappointed. Actually, I loved this place, and can’t recommend it enough. Everything is amazing, from the setting to the beautifully presented (and delicious!).

I mean, how could you not love eating a fresh fruit salad right by blue waters, with the sun shining and surrounded by happy people? Everyone is happy when they’ve got some yummy food in front of them!

The Boathouse Palm Beach

You queue up and order at the counter, which gives plenty of time for peeping at people’s food coming out of the kitchen – definitely one of my favourite hobbies.

The menu is hand written onto a chalkboard, which I always find such a nice personal touch. Not to mention the gorgeous plants, flowers, and fresh fruit that decorate this place. I was “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” as I walked around exploring even corner of this place. Poor Matt, the things he has to put up with!

The Boathouse Palm Beach The Boathouse Palm Beach

Being the over-enthusiastic person that I am we ended up ordering three main dishes for two people. And even though it was a lot of food, I’m so glad we did as it was all super delicious!

My favourite though has got to be their “humble” fruit plate. An assortment of different fruits served with yogurt and honeycomb. It was beautiful and super fresh, and all the fruit was perfectly ripe and sweet (no one deserves under-ripe tart fruit).

The buckwheat bowl with poached eggs, mushrooms, and greens was also super delicious and very filling. I didn’t try Matt’s bacon and eggs but he seemed to enjoy it, so maybe you will too if that’s the way you roll.

The Boathouse Palm Beach

They have another branch in Balmoral Beach that I’m already eyeing up, as I loved it so much and this way I have another excuse to go, you know, for research and comparison purposes. All in the name of the blog, of course.

The Boathouse Palm Beach