My Favourite Natural Beauty Products for Fresh Skin

Natural Beauty: My Favourite Products for Fresh Skin

Since changing my diet and becoming more conscious about what I put in my body, it started to dawn on me that what I put on my body it is also important, especially since so much of  it gets absorbed right in!

I’m a devout fan of natural beauty, and use it exclusively. There are just so many amazing products out there and I absolutely love trying different ones out, so I’ve never felt the need to revert back, especially when I see they contain things like parabens and other unwanted chemicals that I know my body won’t love. It’s a personal choice, and if you feel going natural all the way isn’t the way for you, then please just do it at your own pace and introduce a thing or two here and there!

I just love it when my skin feels fresh and hate that feeling of having too many products lathered on. It’s almost as if your skin can’t breathe. Not good – a glow-y complexion is best, so after I wash my face morning and night there are a few products that I trust that will get my skin feeling soft and fresh!

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Natural Beauty: My Favourite Products for Fresh Skin       Natural Beauty: My Favourite Products for Fresh Skin

Royal Fern Serum – Serums are something I’ve recently gotten into and I can’t recommend it enough. I apply it before my moisturiser and it just makes my skin feel fresh and regenerated, it’s pretty incredible. I live in a big city with loads of pollution, so the antioxidants in this product are perfect for giving my skin back that youthful feel!

Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping – One of my good friends introduced me to this brand, and I’ve never looked back. It’s one of those moisturisers that doesn’t cake your skin but makes you feel fresh and supple! It plumps and hydrates without caking, so you don’t have to worry that your face will break out. Not too many layers on the skin, gotta love your cells and let them breathe!

REN Skincare Tonic – I’m really into my skincare routine (I’ll do a post on it soon!) and toning after washing my face is great to keep me feeling fresh. It just rebalances the pH, and I love this toner from REN as it’s not too intense or astringent on my face.

Skin & Tonic Face Mist – This is a brand I have a lot of love for. It’s UK based and everything I’ve ever tried has been spot on. For fresh skin, nothing makes me feel fresher than a spritz of this mist! It smells lovely of rose and is so refreshing. I use it at night and also throughout the day and in airplanes if I need a boost to freshen things up!

Re:Beauty – I absolutely love Re:Beauty and use almost all of their products. They have such an amazing range and it all feels and smells great, which in natural beauty is not always the case. Currently for fresh skin I’m obsessed with their overnight mask. It’s got an awesome gel-like feel to it and just moistens and nourishes my skin. I also use their gentle cleanser at night, as I am very into cleansing my skin (goodbye pollution!).

Are there any products that you guys swear by for keeping your skin fresh? I’d love to hear!

Natural Beauty: My Favourite Products for Fresh Skin       Natural Beauty: My Favourite Products for Fresh Skin