Natural Beauty: Avocado Spirulina Face Mask

Avocado Honey Spirulina Face Mask

Sometimes we just need that extra pick-me-up. Especially with the change of seasons, our skin need all the help that they can get!

This avocado spirulina face mask leaves the skin feeling so nourished and silky. It’s amazing what something so simple can do, it really makes such a difference! Definitely makes it worth looking like a green blob for 15 minutes!

Avocado Honey Spirulina Face Mask

We’ve got avocado for it’s amazing nourishing & revitalizing properties since it’s full of vitamins A and E, which help repair damaged skin and has awesome anti-aging properties as well!

Along with awesome avocado we have some amazing spirulina which is incredible for soothing & repairing damaged skin and getting back our glow! It’s high in antioxidants and contains chlorophyll, which helps strengthen our tissues and clean our skin!

To top it all off we have some raw honey for that extra moisturizing and anti-aging kick. It helps open up and unclog pores, has natural antibacterial properties, and is great for cleansing sensitive skin!

With these three superpowers combined, this mask will definitely leave you glowing and feeling like a million bucks!

Avocado Honey Spirulina Face Mask

There are just so many synthetic ingredients and chemicals in today’s cosmetics, and our skin absorbs about 60% of what we put on it! So as a good rule, try and avoid putting anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat! Your body and your skin will definitely thank you!

Avocado Honey Spirulina Face Mask Avocado Honey Spirulina Face Mask

It’s so incredibly relaxing to just sit back and let relax while the mask does it’s magic. It’s so nice to have moments to yourself, but I always find face masks so much more fun when you share the experience!

Grab your bestie or have a girls night in, or make your boyfriend share your green monster experience! My mama and I did it together, and it was just so much fun (and such sweet bonding time!)

Avocado Honey Spirulina Face MaskAvocado Honey Spirulina Face Mask

Ok so you will need:

1/2 avocado, flesh scooped out
1 tbsp spirulina
1 tbsp raw honey

Let’s make it baby!

Simply add all the ingredients into a bowl, mash with a form until unform and not too lumpy, and use your hands to spread it all over your face!

Leave on for 15-20 minutes then rinse off with some warm water or a damp cloth.

So easy and amazing!

Avocado Honey Spirulina Face Mask Avocado Honey Spirulina Face Mask

So ladies (and gents!), slather on some nourishing avocado spirulina face mask and sit back & relax, because honestly, we deserve it!

Avocado Honey Spirulina Face Mask