Exploring Jericoacoara, Brazil

After the paradise that was our stay at the Maraú Pensinsula, I wasn’t ready to be away from the ocean just yet.

I fell in love with the quiet atmosphere and the low key vibe, and so was so so happy that Jericoacoara followed in the same footsteps.

We flew into Fortaleza, in the state of Ceará, and then took a 5 hour journey in a 4×4 to Jericoacara. Since you have to drive through sand and beach, accessibility is quite limited. That only made it that much more special though! I hate an over-crowded, over-hyped beach. The harder to get there, the better!

The streets are all white, fluffy sand. Quite the workout on the legs!


There is no night-time lighting, but it really doesn’t matter as it feels so safe, so far away from the streets of London, that it becomes a blessing to be guided home by starlight.

Oh, and the main square? Lit by the lights emanating from the different spots. Fairylights, candlelight, you name it.

Jericoacoara 18

Do – Watch the most incredible sunset atop the Sunset Dune. It looks like a massive trek but it’s actually quite easy! Do a day trip on a buggy and swim in the Paradise & the Blue Lagoon. Learn how to Stand-Up board, Kitesurf or Windsurf – there are many schools to pick from!

Jericoacoara 19

See – Visit the Pedra Furada, a stone that has a huge whole right in the middle from years of water corrosion and the Arvore Preguiça (Lazy Tree), which is a tree that has been tumbled over by the wind throughout the years. Relax on a hammock in the Lagoa do Paraíso. Bliss.

Jericoacoara 16 Jericoacoara 13

Don’t know who looks more lazy… the tree above or Matt below!

Jericoacoara 15
Jericoacoara 12 Jericoacoara 11

Eat – There are many restaurants here, but three caught my attention the most. Pimenta Verde is where Matt and I had most of our lunches. All their fish is delicious, and they were the only place serving wholegrain rice and quinoa. Tamarindo only opens for lunch, as is the most famous one. We had their aguardente prawns (cooked in cachaça rum) and their lemongrass fish. Both delicious. Oh, and try the lemongrass brigadeiro for dessert! The third one was Naturalmente, which is on the beach right by the volleyball net. Their crepes are out of this world – try both the nutella with kiwi & strawberry and the doce de leite with grapes. Oh oh, and their açaí is the best I’ve ever had. Perfectly creamy with the best.granola.ever.

Jericoacoa Acai2
I have become ever more addicted to açai since this trip. Just can’t get enough of the stuff!Jericoacoa Crepe

At night – the main street lights up with stalls selling jewellery and food, carts selling all different flavours of caipirinha roll up, and shops which before seemed empty become alive with tables. There is even a gourmet cachaça shop! It all reminded me of a festival, with it’s lights, music, and vibe.

Jericoacoara 14 Jericoacoara 10 Jericoacoara 2
The climb up the dune might look daunting, but I promise it’s not!Jericoacoara 4 Jericoacoara 6
Jericoacoara 3The warm sunset along the crazy wind made it such a fun experience – but my hair was not so fun later on!
Jericoacoara 8

All in all, it’s the perfect place to watch a romantic sunset with that special someone.

Ooof, hope I’m not getting too mushy here! Sunsets do that to me…

Jericoacoara 9

Oh, and please don’t forget flip-flops! The sand can get quite fluffy, so trainers or closed sandals are not really a good idea.

Just lose yourself here. You won’t regret it.