The Natural Beauty of the Maraú Peninsula, Brazil

So sorry for not blogging much lately. Matt and I have been around some pretty lousy internet connections, so uploading any pictures was completely out of the question.

After Salvador, our next stop was the Peninsula do Maraú.

We took a ferry, a 4-hour bus, and then a speedboat, arriving exhausted but oh so happy. There is no pavement, so you walk on sand all the way from the dock to the front door of your hotel!


This place has captivated my heart.

The sandy streets. The palm trees. Walking from beach to beach. Drinking fresh coconut water. If you were to ask me what paradise looked like, I’d probably describe something very similar to this place.


Do – Go snorkelling, go surfing, hire a stand-up board, rent quad bikes, go on hikes, discover the lighthouse. You definitely won’t get bored. Oh, and do bring bug spray for the night. Trust me.

Go – Explore the beaches, as all of them have something different to offer. Taipu de Fora has the most amazing natural swimming pools when there is a low tide, and you can rent snorkels and swim after the fishies to your hearts content! I even had a little moment where I thought a squid was giving me the stink eye, the daredevil! Ponta do Mutá is north-most point of the peninsula, and Barra Grande is where the village is located, so you can find some nice little restaurants and a captivating square.

Stay – I stayed in Barra Grande, which was where there were more options for accommodation and was easily accessible, meaning I could do everything on foot.

Eat – There are many beach-front shacks, but my favourite food there was definitely in Macunaíma. Everything I had was amazing, so much so I ended going there three times! In the village centre of Barra Grande there is also a delicious local açaí bowl which I loved.


In the little village square in Barra Grande, I felt like I was in a festival.

There was live music playing, the ground was covered in grass, and the only source of street lighting came from bulb fairy lights hanging from tree to tree.

It was impossible not to feel absolutely captivated by it all.


On a day set for exploring, we even found our little safe haven.

A 20 minute walk along the coast took us to another beach called Ponta do Mutá, we found a beach front hide-out called Macunaíma.

With hammocks and swings hanging from the trees you can relax while sipping on fresh coconut water, eating the most delicious food, and waiting for the sunset. Utter bliss.

IMG_3082 IMG_3084
Here we discovered the Hawaiian massage. It was incredible. So so relaxing!IMG_3133IMG_3080My favourite smoothie – açai and coconut water.

Their coconut pineapple prawn dish is seriously one of the best things I have ever had.

Their grilled veggies? Awesome of course. Never thought anyone could make plantain and courgettes taste so incredible. And the prawn salad? So so tasty!

IMG_3118 IMG_3119 IMG_3121

Now don’t even get me started on the sunset.

All the colours come together as if in a painting. And even though it’s getting darker, it’s not getting any colder.


You can lay back and relax on their deck as you watch the sun go down.

The tide comes up so that the edge becomes the sea, and to walk back to our hotel you have to used the stars as light (and a bit of iphone flashlight as well) while skipping along the water.

Such peace.

IMG_3128 IMG_3141

I will most definitely miss this place, and hope I can someday return.

Such beauty and peace.