Hawker House Food Market

For me, food is all about the experience. It’s what you get out of the act of eating.

That could come from incredible taste, mouth-watering smell, wholesome ingredients, or simply the social aspect of sharing and eating an amazing meal together. So, of course, combining all three is my idea of a perfect night out.

You guys remember Street Feast right? They’re night market Hawker House is back after a break over Christmas! No better way to hide away from the cold than in a massive warehouse filled with street food.

Hawker House via Teffy's Perks

Of course we started with burgers. What other way is there?

I had been wanting to go to Bleeker St Burger for a while. There had been so much build up I was worried it wouldn’t live up to my expectations. It didn’t – It went above and beyond! So sooo good. The patty is cooked to perfection and the cheese is a melty heaven. Oh, and get double of course. Why only one patty when you could have two!

Hawker House via Teffy's Perks

Also, their sweet potato fries. Get them. If you feel the need to get normal fries as well, then get the mixed fries. Anything goes as long as you get some sweet potato fries at some point. I could have eaten the whole thing on my own, but since I’m a nice girlfriend I shared with Matt.

Hawker House via Teffy's Perks

After the first round of food, it was time for our second priority – alcohol.

I was dying to dry the buttered rum. This time though, my expectations were a definite let down. In my mind, this was going to be decadent and rich, like a mix between a hug and a punch. It was just watery and there wasn’t much taste. Bummer.

Oh, I still drank it anyways. Nothing goes to waste!

Hawker House via Teffy's Perks

Of course, after that drink, I needed another one. Makes sense doesn’t it? I also thought it did.

This next one was so good! I got a glass of the Mahi New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc at Street Vin and I wish I had gotten the whole bottle. For myself. Guys, it was so good. I’m not the biggest wine connoisseur in town, so I’m not gonna throw any fancy jargon your way, but it tasted amazing. Point-blank amazing.

We bobbed up the steps and sat on one of the cosy couches to crowd watch and finish our drinks. I may or may not have banged my head on the way up, so beware if you also venture to those parts!

Hawker House via Teffy's Perks

Just as we finished our wines, some friends arrived and it was time to do some more exploring. Onto the alcohol it was again!

I’m not the biggest whisky fan, and definitely can’t drink it on it’s own, but the Whisky Bar looked too cool and inviting to leave out. The amazing bartender, knowing my reservations, suggested a cocktail and said that if I did not like it, he’d simply make me another one (and drink that one himself).

In the end, I did really enjoy my drink! It had a strong kick, but in a great way.

Hawker House via Teffy's Perks

Whisky cocktail in hand, it was time for some more food.  Not only is it the responsible thing to do – after all, I am an adult now – but come on, it’s a food festival! I was surrounded by food stalls. Of course I wasn’t going to stop at one.

I’d been dying to try Yum Bun as well, and they were definitely one of the reasons I trekked to Hawker House. We got the chicken bun and the pork belly. Both incredible, the filling in perfect amounts, and the bun soft and fluffy.

Hawker House via Teffy's Perks  The chicken bun – gotta love some fried chicken!Hawker House via Teffy's Perks
I think it’s safe to say the pork belly bun did not make me look like a lady.Hawker House via Teffy's Perks

Now, as soon as you go in, avoid looking to your right straight away. That is where the donuts reside.

I’m not the kind of person that minds having sweet before savoury, or in between savouries, but if you like to wait, avoiding looking at it. Or you will want it. Stay clear until you’re ready.

Hawker House via Teffy's Perks
Sprinkleeeeeees!Hawker House via Teffy's Perks

One of the highlights of attending such events with friends? You get to try all their flavours of the donuts!! Safe to say I tried both the salted caramel and the white chocolate cardamom vanilla. The sprinkles, the nuts. My pick? Caramel with nuts. Preferably pecans, but that part I leave up to you.

Hawker House via Teffy's Perks

Now, you know how earlier I said I’m a sweet-savoury mixer?

Right next to the donuts there is the Grilling Greek. Their triple-cooked chips with oregano & feta are probably one of the best chips I’ve ever had. Their crispy on the outside and fluffy inside, and the feta just gives it that extra shebang!

Hawker House via Teffy's Perks

Hawker House is so much fun, doesn’t matter if you’re going in a group of friends or just with your significant other, you’re basically guaranteed a good time. There is a DJ, fairy lights, food, and lots of fun to be had.

Hawker House via Teffy's Perks

When you go, make sure you bring cash, as they don’t take card (except the bars) and there are no cash points near. Arrive before 7pm or it’ll cost £3 to get in. Look up how to get there as it’s quite a walk from the station – or if you have a smart phone, whack it out. Decide which foods you most want to try, as there are so many options you will need to prioritise.

This weekend is your last chance to get Bleeker St Burger at Hawker House, so get you behinds down there and start munching!