Broadway Market

London is full of markets. Food, clothing, antiques, farmers – you name it, we’ve got it.

I’d heard of Broadway Market before, but never actually made it there. It’s mainly food with a small section of second hand and vintage clothing. Seems pretty simple right?

Guys, this has become my new favourite market.

The food stalls all seem very low-key and approachable, it’s next to a park, and the variety and quality of the food is incredible. It’s also not endless, which means you can actually check out as many stalls as you want without having to hurry past.

Broadway Market via Teffy's Perks

Also, don’t forget to try everything that is offered. I mean, it would be considered rude not too right? It’s only polite to taste test everything… 

Broadway Market via Teffy's Perks

And while you’re at it, you’ll probably need something to stay hydrated, so why not pick up some ginger beer? You can either have warm or cold, fizzy or still, alcoholic or soda. Options are endless!

Broadway Market via Teffy's Perks
Also, you get to try the different kinds before making the full commitment!Broadway Market via Teffy's Perks

Now, be prepared, as this place will change your life.

If you like hummus, olives, or anything from a deli, you will be forever converted. I am honestly considering trekking here every Saturday for hummus and olive tapenade.

Seriously guys. I bought a pot, then Emily bought a pot, and then a man who had already paid for his olives tried the hummus and also decided to buy a pot. It’s insanely good.

Broadway Market via Teffy's Perks
Broadway Market via Teffy's Perks
Bread and olives. Doesn’t get much better than that does it?IMG_25403

It’s the kind of market where you don’t mind being on your own and wandering about, but if you can, bring a couple of girlfriends, walk around, gossip about the previous night, and try copious amounts of food together.

Broadway Market via Teffy's Perks

Speaking of all the free food, we got lucky enough that as soon as we passed Franco Manca, they had just brought out a freshly made pizza to give out free samples!

If you haven’t tried their sourdough pizza, I suggest you do so, and soon, as you’re seriously missing out.

Broadway Market via Teffy's Perks
Below is the face of pure, unadulterated, pizza joy.Broadway Market via Teffy's PerksBroadway Market via Teffy's Perks

Four of our party decided to go with the mushroom risotto. Three of them had tried it previously, and had come with the sole purpose of having this again. That alone is proof of it’s deliciousness.

Of course I tried it though, as I need to give you guys my personal opinion. All for research purposes you see.

It is indeed delicious! It’s creamy and tasty, but I do wish there were a bit more mushrooms thrown in there. Amazing none-the-less, and the best risotto I’ve had in London.

Broadway Market via Teffy's Perks

Also, if the weather permits, go and claim a spot in the park to eat your lunch. It just makes the whole thing into a very upscale and fresh picnic scene.

I did get my bum quite wet though… so beware, especially if you’re wearing a short coat that can’t cover your behind.

Broadway Market via Teffy's Perks

Desserts are also another adventure all on their own! There are endless options of cakes, cheesecakes, and cookies. Gluten free, dairyfree. Chocolate with beetroot. Cakes with almond flour. Vegan. Full blown out indulgent. It’s all inviting and impossible to pick just one.

Broadway Market via Teffy's Perks
How cute are the cookie monster macaroons above?!Broadway Market via Teffy's Perks

It only happens on Saturdays, and there are no free cash points around, so make sure you take cash or be prepared to pay £1.85 to take out money.

Have you been before? What’s your favourite market?