Wellness Wednesday: Delicious Juice

Has anyone ever been to Joe & The Juice? For those of you who haven’t, walking in there is like walking into a boy band audition meets Abercrombie & Fitch photo-shoot. It’s safe to say they only hire attractive guys. Weirdly enough, It was never the guys I went there for. Even with all those good looks under one roof, it was always the juice that did it for me.

Crazy, I know. So many hotties and yet what I got most giddy about was choosing my next juice! Do I want ginger? Will this or that actually work? Decisions decisions.

Golden Juice via Teffy's Perks

Growing up in Brazil, I had juice all the time. In a hot country, a nice cup of juice is tasty and refreshing. Since I’ve lived in London, that tradition had started to die down a bit. No need to feel refreshed when it’s cold and drizzly outside.

It all changed when Matt did the unthinkable – he got me my very own juicer! I was so euphoric I wanted to throw anything and everything right in there and juice away.

To juice, you obviously need a juicer. Juicer prices vary. The more expensive ones tend to yield more juice and be easier to clean, but if you’re not ready to spend so much, the lower price range is fine too. I have this one. But this one, this one, and this one look good too!

This juice is one of my favourites. It’s got such a beautiful colour to brighten up those dark mornings, and it gives a kick and a punch (in a good way) to start your day.

Golden Juice via Teffy's Perks

To make two small glasses of juice (or one big one!) you will need:

3 large carrots
4 golden beetroots
1 blood orange
Piece of ginger (think thumb size)
Half a lemon

Wash everything thoroughly – use a brush if you’ve got one, to make sure you get rid of all the dirt. Chop your orange peel off, and the top and bottom of your beetroot as well. Put them through your juice (except the lemon, which you’ll squeeze into the cups in the end) and voilá! Fresh juice.

If you’re in a hurry in the mornings and won’t give up those extra minutes of precious sleep (ahem, me), prep as much as possible the night before. Have a bag with all the ingredients you’ll need, already washed. Avoid chopping until you are going to actually make your juice, as you don’t want any vitamins or nutrients to be lost.

Golden Juice via Teffy's Perks

Now, just remember that fresh juices are supposed to be had alongside a diet, and do not replace a meal (unless of course you’re doing a juice detox). They’re a great way to pack in those vitamins and minerals, but they discard the fiber, so make sure you’re still eating grains, beans, and other veggies as well!

Also, if you’re juicing, please do try and get the best produce possible. You’ll be consuming it raw, and pesticides do not go well for breakfast. By buying organic and local, you not only benefit your health, but small farmers too.

Have you guys got any favourite juices? Anything I absolutely need to try? Happy juicing!