London Eats: Otto Pizza (One of the Best Pizzas Ever!)

I love pizza. I really really do.

Not just any pizza though. It has to be good. I hate when you have to dab your slice with a napkin to soak up all that extra oil, or when the cheese is so rubbery it makes your jaw tired and sore. I am talking about the pizza that makes you forget your own name it’s so good.

When I was younger, my mother and I used to order pizza almost every Sunday. The other Sundays of the month we’d vary it up with chinese or any other take-out. Even though my take-out days are far behind me, my love for pizza still remains.

Otto Pizza via Teffy's Perks

Adri and I had decided we needed a catch-up pizza dinner, and Sandra had raved so much about Otto Pizza when she went that I knew I had to try it. This place was the one. And thank the heavens we went there, because it is one of the most incredible pizzas I’ve ever had.

Otto Pizza via Teffy's Perks

Their crusts are not your usual crusts, oh no. They’re cornmeal crusts. Say what? Yep. Cornmeal. That means it has the most incredible crunchy texture, and since it’s quite dense, it can hold mounds of toppings without falling apart.

Otto Pizza via Teffy's Perks

You can choose as many of their flavours as you want, as they sell it by slice (but whole pizzas are also available). I went for the BBQ pulled pork with celeriac coleslaw and the goats cheese with caramelised onions. Both were ahh-mazing. The flavours were just… there. Not too much and not too little. So so good.

Otto Pizza via Teffy's Perks Just look at that. Makes me want to go back there right now!Otto Pizza via Teffy's Perks

The little pizza below belonged to Sandra, who is gluten intolerant. Even though their cornmeal crusts are already quite low in gluten, they also offer a gluten-free base that you get as an individual pizza. She was over the moon – if you’re gluten intolerant, you’ll know how much the supermarket ready-made pizza crusts suck.

Otto Pizza via Teffy's Perks

Otto Pizza via Teffy's PerksAdri shares my love for pizza. We were made to be friends.Otto Pizza via Teffy's Perks 

Try and leave some room for dessert. It’ll be almost impossible, so if you’re full, do share. But then it’ll be even harder, because you’ll have to share the most delicious chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. Hmm. Just get your own and deal with it.

Otto Pizza via Teffy's Perks

We all got our own. I know it’s a bit greedy, but in this particular occasion I just did not want to share my cookie with anyone. Does that make me a bad person? Definitely the right decision though. Just look at it! How could I not have it all to myself?

Otto Pizza via Teffy's Perks

Such a delicious dessert prompted me to make the face below.. something that happened every.single.time I took a mouthful of something new at this place. It was all too good.

Otto Pizza via Teffy's PerksOtto Pizza via Teffy's Perks

I had such a great time with the ladies (Allyne was wearing these incredible trousers) and we’re going to make this pizza outing a monthly ordeal.

Ok, I know you’ve just read an entire post of me raving about this place, but just in case you haven’t had enough – I even ordered three slices to bring home with me for Matt! I tried two new flavours (the sausage & the special ricotta and pesto) and they were also very very delicious. Girlfriend of the year award? I think so.

What are your weekend plans? Any pizza in the near future?