London Eats: Jak’s

I know I’m risking sounding like an old lady right now, but time is going by so quickly! Not only is it almost Christmas, but all of the sudden my weeks seem to fly by. Work, trying to go to the gym (“trying” being the key word here), blogging, and busy weekends don’t leave very much space for down time.

But I’ll let you into a little secret… I’m loving it. I can pretend to sometimes hate it, but I do love being busy.

Jak's via Teffy's Perks

Anyways. My friend Cris was in town for a few days, and since she lives in Barcelona, I always make sure to see her when she’s about, independent of what might be happening that day. So what are two ladies (more her than me, but still) to do? Brunch. Brunch is always the answer – or ladies who lunch, that can work too.

So on a rare, sunny day, we met up at Jak’s in West London. They serve the most delicious looking (and tasting) food and concoct the best juices using local produce, which is incredible. I am aware juicing is known to be quite an American thing, but I love it! Try the orange, carrot, ginger, and apple or go more adventurous and build your own with veggies. Red pepper is always a winner.

Jak's via Teffy's PerksJak's via Teffy's Perks Jak's via Teffy's PerksJak's via Teffy's Perks

Onto the food. You choose either a main dish with two salads, or you can have a choice of five salads on itself. Prepare, as this will be one of the hardest decisions you will ever make. Took me lots of questions and close scanning of all options. In the end I opted for their salmon (which I get every single time) with wild rice and spinach (Cris went for Salmon and Quinoa).

They serve up big portions, and since you know it’s good for you, you just tuck right in!

Jak's via Teffy's PerksJak's via Teffy's PerksJak's via Teffy's Perks

Now, another of the reasons I was to keen to go back was their cheesecake. They have the most amazing strawberry cheesecake I have ever had – which is why I have one every time I go there. Remember, this is a generous portion place, so sharing a cheesecake will not leave any hard feelings or cause any animosity over who had more or the bigger piece.

Jak's via Teffy's Perks

If the good alone isn’t reason for you to go, then I have to be honest and tell you it’s also a great place to people watch. There are massive windows and if you snatch a table by one, you get to watch the parade of well-dressed West Londoners front show.