What I’m Loving Lately 28.11.14

Can’t believe another week has gone by!

Summer is starting to hit hard in Sydney, with temperatures getting close to 40ºC! It’s super hot and I’m loving it! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I’ve escaped to the beach as often as possible, something I intend on doing a lot now that I live somewhere close to the ocean! Heaven!

Anyways! Here are some things that I’m loving lately that I think you lovlies might love too (lots of love in one sentence there!)

Recovery Series from The Balanced Blonde

As some of you might know, Jordan from The Balanced Blonde came out a few months ago saying she was transitioning away from veganism in order to help her get over her orthorexia (unhealthy obsession with healthy eating). She has since started a recovery series which I love reading, and it has featured some amazing bloggers like Jessica Sepel from JS Health and Katie from Chocolate Covered Katie (pictured below)!

Loving Lately - The Balanced Blonde Recovery Series

The Chalkboard Mag

I can’t stop going through the amazing posts at The Chalkboard Mag! They have everything from beauty, fitness, fashion, and nutrition. Honestly, what more could a girl ask for?! You could spend hours on end just going through the posts, interviews, and recipes. I have definitely spent waaay too much time there, but what can I do?! Every time I tell myself it’s the last one, I click on another link. Oops.

I mean… just look at this photo of their Raw Chocolate Truffles! Drool.

Loving Lately - The Chalkboard Mag

Practising Kindness

Gotta love Pinterest for it’s never-ending supply of inspirational quotes!

Being kind is definitely something I’m focusing more on lately. It can be super easy to be kind to others when I’m in a good mood and having an amazing day, but it’s on those not-so-great days where I find myself being snappier than I would have liked. That is the one I’m trying to focus on, the being kind when it doesn’t come naturally, when the easier way out is to release the anger or frustration onto someone else, even if they are not the cause.

It’s still a work in progress, but I’ve gotten better by reminding myself to simply be kind and not take my frustrations out on other people!

Loving Lately - Practising Kindess

The Oh She Glows Cookbook

I’ve got a cookbook wish-list saved, and the next one of my hit list was The Oh She Glows Cookbook, by the amazing blogger Angela Liddon from, well, Oh She Glows!

So many amazing recipes, and the food photography is incredible! I am such a sucker for good photography, I could just look at pretty pictures of food for hours on end (such an exciting person aren’t I?)

She was actually the first healthy food blogger I ever followed, and every recipe she posts is so drool-worth and amazing that I had to get her book!

Loving Lately - Oh She Glows Cookbook

How’s your week been? Anything you’ve been loving lately?