What is the Hype Behind Cold-Pressed Juices?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or are a general head-in-the-clouds kind of person (nothing wrong with that!), you’ll have noticed the words ‘cold-pressed juice’ popping up everywhere. There is juice, and then there is cold-pressed juice!

What is the Hype Behind Cold-Pressed Juices

So what is the difference?
Traditional juicers extract the juice by tearing the fruit apart with fast blades. This process not only exposes the juice to air, but also creates some heat, both of which decreases some of the nutrient, enzyme, and mineral content of the juice. Cold-pressed hydraulic juicers, on the other hand, uses an incredible amount of pressure to press and grind the pulp of the fruit without adding any heat or oxidising the fruits and vegetables (so it is cold-pressed, geddit?!)

What are the benefits?
Since cold-pressed juices are the closest thing to the actual raw fruit, you get a much bigger hit of the nutrients and enzymes, since they’re intact. The juice will taste super fresh and delicious, and will also last longer if kept in the airtight bottle it comes in (or if you keep it airtight when making it at home) and so can be made in bigger batches!

Through juicing (especially cold-pressed juicing), we’re able to get an incredible amount of nutrients, minerals, and enzymes that would be very difficult to get unless you consumed a truckload of veggies and fruits!

Can’t I just buy a carton juice from the supermarket?
Absolutely not! The juices commonly sold in supermarkets have been pasteurised, which means all the enzymes and nutrients you could have gotten from it are basically dead! All you’re left with is a carton of fructose with whatever added nasties they’ve put in. Drinking store-bought & pasteurised OJ is the same as drinking a can of sugary coke. Honestly, stay away!

A word of caution!
One thing to bear in mind though is that if you have a pure fruit juice, even cold-pressed juice, you’ll be getting a lot of nutrients but you’ll also be consuming a lot of sugar in the form of fructose. Combine that with the fact that the fibre has been removed and you’ve got a blood sugar spike. Not ideal.

That is where green juices come into play! Green cold-pressed juices are king in the juice-for-health world. Since certain green vegetables have close to no sugar, you’ll get tons of the nutrients without a huge sugar rush. If you feel like a concoction of pure kale, cucumber, lettuce, and such is not your thing, then do add some fruit, but try and keep it on a 3:1 veggie to fruit ratio. Carrots, beets, and apples add a great taste! Adding citrus as well, especially lemons, is amazing!

What is the Hype Behind Cold-Pressed Juices

So what do you think? Have you tried cold-pressed juices yet or are you still on the fence?