My Birthday + What I’m Loving Lately

I had such an birthday!!

If you follow me in Instagram, you’ll no doubt have seen the pictures of my happy self enjoying an amazing raw and vegan high tea at Sadhana Kitchen here in Sydney! I was so excited for it, and had an amazing time! There were sooo many sweets to try, and the raw quiche and pizza were also delicious. All hail caramel slices!

This advice from Polly

I found this from Joanna’s blog, A Cup of Jo, as her assistant Caroline has recently been through a break-up. It was such an interesting read how sometimes women can try and appear good instead of just being themselves. So what if what we feel like we need to cry or scream? If it’s what we’re feeling, then there is no reason why anyone should have to tone it down to seem good or acceptable! No need to go bat shit crazy here, but it’s important to cherish ourselves and what we want/feel! 

The Whole Pantry Cookbook by Belle Gibson

I already had her app and it is one of my favourites, so when the cookbook came out I knew I had to get it! It’s now permanently on my bedside table, and I just love all the recipes, the gorgeous food photography, and the amazing advice from the amazing Belle!

Soy Candles

I love lighting a candle as I get ready for bedtime, it just so soothing and creates a really nice ambiance. I first heard about soy candles from my friend Andrea about a year ago, but this was the first time I got my own! They are natural, release less chemicals into the air we breathe than conventional candles, are more sustainable than the normal candles, and burn for longer! All in all, a winner!

Getting back into Yoga

After travelling for 6 months, you can imagine my yoga practice was practically non-existent. Now that I’m good and settled in Sydney, I’ve found an amazing studio and am so so happy to be back! I can touch my toes again!! I’ve even got my first ever yoga mat, so you know I mean business! When I first tried yoga as a teen, I wasn’t too keen as I found it quite slow, but now I love it!

The New York City Ballet

I loved the first season of the documentary City.Ballet, and have just watched the second season and loved it as well! They’re short 6-7 minute episodes and I just tend to watch it all in one sitting! It’s narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker, and it’s oh so cool. The way they move their bodies is amazing! They talk about everything from relationships to injuries!

Deliciously Ella’s Post on Fats

It’s time to stop fearing (good) fats! Ella explains it brilliantly and it’s worth a read. I eat a lot of fats in my diet, from coconut oil, avocado, nuts, and fish! Avocado lovers, unite! Read it all here!