Top Healthy Sydney Spots & Eateries

Sydney has so so many healthy hot spots it’s insane.

There is a big healthy-eating culture there, and I absolutely loved exploring all the food it has to offer. Living one year and I still didn’t get to try all the places I would’ve liked, but the ones I did were absolutely amazing!

My list of places to visit was ever-growing, but these are the ones that I feel were the best!

Best for Delicious Wholesome Food:

Bread and Circus – You can’t really go wrong with Bread and Circus. I’ve lost count of how many times I ate there, and every time it was absolutely delicious. The place itself is so cute, with its pink plates, and they use fruit and veg as decor! They do breakfast and lunch, and I love both. My favourite dish for breakfast was their Breakfast with Gwyneth, which was sautéed quinoa with greens, eggs, and chilli. Sounds simple, tastes amazing!

Porch and Parlour – Close to Bondi Beach, they do breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you’re pretty spoiled. I’d recommend going during the day then heading to the beach to digest while lounging on the sand. I love their green breaky bowl!

The Hill Eatery – Also close to Bondi Beach, and similar or Porch and Parlour in that they do breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s in north Bondi, so it’s not so crowded around there, and you can sit on the outside tables and people watch.

Bondi Wholefoods – Near Orchard Street elixir bar, you can eat in or take-away and have on the beach! I love their paleo zucchini bread, and their spelt flour pancakes are super delicious as well!  


O Organic Produce
 – How amazing is it that there is a place that focuses on organic food? They have something for everyone, and are open for breakfast and lunch. I love getting whatever they have on special for lunch that day, but they also have a counter for take-away salads if you’re passing by Surry Hills. Oh, and try their muscles smoothie!

Proteini – Quite the new kid on the block, this small shop in Darlinghurst has the mantra ‘Love Your Guts’, which is pretty awesome if you ask me! Matt really likes their caveman bowl, and they also do smoothies and treats to have in or take-away.

Venus Wholefoods – I think these guys probably do the best salads I’ve ever had. Every time they blow me away, and they always have 5 salads to pick-n-mix. It’s a hot lunch spot, and whatever you get make sure you get the tahini-miso sauce! All salads are vegan, but you can add things like eggs and chicken if you want. I’ve heard they do a pretty mean coffee too.



Three Blue Ducks
– Close to Bronte Beach, everything I’ve had here is amazing. They’re also open breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and focus on ___ Ruby’s Diner – A few minutes walk from Bondi Junction, this is a great open cafe for breakfast or lunch. I absolutely love their kale and eggs dish, and their quinoa bircher is also super delicious. If you’re in a hurry, they have take-away superfood muffins and mini pots of bircher to grab and go.

Ruby’s Diner – A few minutes walk from Bondi Junction, this is a great open cafe for breakfast or lunch. I absolutely love their kale and eggs dish, and their quinoa bircher is also super delicious. If you’re in a hurry, they have take-away superfood muffins and mini pots of bircher to grab and go.

The Boathouse – The Boathouse is the perfect place to go on a sunny day. There are several throughout Sydney, and my favourite is probably Balmoral. Grab some breakfast (hello quinoa bircher!) and try out some paddle boarding. It tends to get busy on weekends, especially on a beautiful sunny day!

Nelson Road Tuckshop – There are so many things on offer at this place it’s unbelievable. It’s in-between Ruby’s Diner and Bondi Junction, and a perfect place to sit outside and just people watch. You can have in or take-away, and my absolute favourite thing there is the Winter Greens Quinoa Falafel Bowl, which they serve during both breakfast and lunch!



Best for Raw Food:

Pana Chocolate – You can’t really go wrong with heading to a dessert bar, can you? Pana Chocolate has everything you could hope for, from raw vegan ice cream sticks called Pana Pops, to Sneakers peanut butter cheesecakes, to Raw Brownies, and Lemon Slices. If you’re got a sweet tooth, this is the place for you. Work your way through the cabinet, it’s all delicious and you can’t go wrong!

Sadhana Kitchen – They were the first ones to start doing raw food in Sydney, and their raw lasagna was super yummy! They have take-away salads, and even tacos, so you’ll have plenty of choice. Unfortunately I’m not a big fan of their sweets and smoothies, so I’d stick to the savouries.

Earth to Table – for raw food in general, I’d say these guys were my favourite! They nailed sweet and savoury, and they always have a special on. Their garlicky buckwheat bread is delicious, and their chilli is super flavoursome. For dessert, I love their chocolate raspberry cake with extra ice cream. So good!


Best Cold-Pressed Juices in Sydney:

Organic Avenue – In Paddington, this is the perfect place to bring your laptop and work away while sipping on green juice or a home-made almond milk latte. They have food options as well, and you can grab some delicious courgette noodles or a yummy quinoa salad to have in or take-away!

Orchard Street – Everything they do is raw, vegan, and organic, so you’re in pretty safe hands here! I especially love that the focus on superfoods and on making everything as nutritious and wholesome as possible. They do amazing green juices, but I especially love their Vedic Milk with turmeric, or Mayan Lover chocolate. For food, their raw burger and the chilli were delicious, but I wouldn’t recommend the falafels, as they were quite dry.

Pressed Juices – They have a pretty great variety of juices, from smoothies to green. They change with the seasons, which I think is pretty cool, and try and source as much as possible from local and organic sources. For a treat, they have one which is avocado, cacao, and peppermint, which is super indulgent and such a treat!

Cali Press – I’ve only been to cali press once, but they have their juices taking over Sydney in cafes and eateries. The shop had green-blue algae shots, which I found pretty cool, and they also have some take-away food options which looked really good!