Sydney Eats: Kitchen by Mike

I’ve had Kitchen by Mike on my Sydney hit-list since before I even moved here.

Being the eager beaver that I am I’d stared collecting places I wanted to go to months before I even set foot in Australia. Of course now that I’m here that list just keeps on growing, but Kitchen by Mike has got to be one of my favourites so far. It’s not hard to see why it always came up when I was looking up potentially awesome food-joints.

Sydney Eats: Kitchen by Mike

You walk into an industrial building with super tall ceilings, filled with tables of happy and chatty customers (how can they not be happy when they’re having amazing food?) and at one end there is a counter filled with some of the best looking salads I’ve ever seen.

Sydney Eats: Kitchen by Mike

You queue up, order whatever your heart desires, pay, and take your heaped plate with you to the nearest empty table so you can tuck in.

I actually needed 2 separate plates for mine because, true to form, I couldn’t decide and ordered more than I could handle. No harm though, because I brought my leftovers back home and they made my delicious lunch last a little bit longer!

Sydney Eats: Kitchen by Mike

The menu changes daily based on what they can get from the markets.

Their commonality for every menu is “seasonality, simplicity and freshness” and they “believe it’s about how food is found, grown, cooked and eaten“.

How amazing is that? If only more places followed this the world would be a much happier (and well fed) place.

Sydney Eats: Kitchen by Mike

It’s definitely an experience eating there, from the moment you walk into the buzzing, canteen-style kitchen, to choosing what to have not only on what you read off the menu but what you see, as all the food is displayed for our hungry eyes to feast on.

Sydney Eats: Kitchen by Mike

They’re actually also famous for their sourdough (it was voted the best in Sydney) and it would have been a real shame to miss out. I avoid gluten on my day-to-day, but the tartine looked too amazing to pass up, and I’m soooo glad I didn’t. It was the best tartine I’ve ever had!

Sydney Eats: Kitchen by Mike Sydney Eats: Kitchen by Mike

This is definitely the kind of place I love. Food that is simple without actually tasting or being simple, with a focus on ingredients, and that is all about enjoying the whole experience that comes with eating a meal prepared by someone else.

Too good to miss if you’re in Sydney.

Find Kitchen by Mike here.
1/85 Dunning Avenue,
Roseberry NSW 2018

You can check the daily menu on their Facebook page.