Healthy Eating: The Bowl, Berlin


So there may not be the most well-lit photos I’ve taken, but I just had to share this place with you guys! Honestly, it’s worth hopping on a plane to go to, and of the 4 days I was in Berlin, I went here twice. True love.

The Bowl is the kind of place where you can take your non-veggie friends and they will still love it. It’s got a cool decor, candle-lit, with great windows for people watching, and it doesn’t feel like clean eating even though it is. The whole menu is vegan and gluten free, and they use coconut oil for their cooking. The first time around I took two meat-loving boys and they both agreed it was one of the best meals they’d had in a while. So I think that rests my case! 


When you go you absolutely have to order the sweet potato fries, they are what dreams are made of. Perfectly crispy and with a side of homemade ketchup. I’m not usually a ketchup fan, but I would’ve lived off this one. Also, this might sound like a weird one to be super excited about, but their sesame spinach is the best freakin’ spinach I’ve tasted. So so flavourful!

Bowl-wise, my two favourites are the California bowl and the Mexican bowl. I also tried my friend’s Macro bowl and it was delicious, their tempeh is second to none. It’s the kind of place where you’re pretty safe ordering, as everything is pretty much a guarantee to be delicious.

Healthy Eating: The Bowl, Berlin