Columbia Road Flower Market

As much as wishful thinking works, it has never managed to pull me out of bed early on a Sunday. Luckily a given Sunday not too long ago a miracle happened – we were out the door at a decent hour to make it to the flower market! Hallelujah.

So there we went, ready to have our eyes lovingly attacked by colours as well as being crammed like sardines by the crowds. I know I sound bitter, but it was actually really nice and the weather was even cooperative!

that just made me want to touch them even more!

There are loads of little shops hidden behind the flower stalls. Venture into them as you never know what hidden little gem or cutesy artefact you’ll find. Some sell tea and bagels and have a hidden garden, others sell beautiful rugs, others vintage clothes, and others sell gimmicks. Plus, the main street is so full at times you’ll need to escape to the sides.
photo I took with Nicole’s instagram – Nic, Sandra, Sara

At the end of the market there is Campania. They do delicious food, but I love the little window on the side in which you can order a coffee and one of the best panini you will ever have. The first time I ever went there I couldn’t believe how delicious it was! and even though it was cold and winter at that time, I still queued outside and ate it in the street. Ain’t no weather gettin in the way of my panini.

Also, just before the market ends there is the courtyard. It’s down a side street on the left and leads to delicious places to either shop or eat. definitely worth a venture, even if just for Lily Vanilly bakery.

At the end of this little side street there is a hidden gem. Doesn’t really have a name outside but the chalkboard sign leads you to it.

 the market only runs on Sundays from 8am until 3is. The time I wend (around 1) was quite busy, so I would suggest either braving it early Sunday or maybe leaving it till more towards the end. Even with is being busy I still found it lovely, but if you don’t do crowds then save yourself the stress.