Mango & Coconut Black Rice Pudding

Mango & Coconut Black Rice Pudding

This black rice pudding was my favourite dessert as I was travelling through Asia.

I first had it in Laos, and the love continued all the way through Cambodia and Thailand. It’s one of those dessert that every time I saw it on the menu, I absolutely had to order it. Not only is rice one of my favourite foods, but I cannot resist mango. I grew up eating it in Brazil and I still eat it at any given opportunity.

It’s a fibre rich dessert, full of good fats and delicious sweet fruit. Topped with crunchy pistachios and toasted coconut? It just becomes irresistible. I even prefer it over cake sometimes, especially when I have extra servings of black rice that I kept from the day before, just makes it the easiest dessert to make!

Mango & Coconut Black Rice Pudding       Mango & Coconut Black Rice Pudding

Mango & Coconut Black Rice Pudding
Serves: 1
  • ½ cup cooked black rice
  • ½ cup coconut milk
  • ½ teaspoon ground cardamom
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla powder or extract
  • Chopped mango
  • Sliced bananas
  • Toasted coconut flakes
  • Toasted pistachios
  • Warm coconut milk, to drizzle
  1. Place your black rice, coconut milk, cardamom and vanilla into a pan and slowly heat until warm.
  2. Place in a bowl and add any and all desired toppings.
  3. Serve warm!


Mango & Coconut Black Rice Pudding

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Mango & Coconut Black Rice Pudding

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  • I’ve never done black rice in a sweet way, always savory! AHHH Need to buy some and fix that!

    • I hadn’t either until I tried it in SE Asia and absolutely LOVED it! let me know what you think =)

  • Mmmmm I’ve never tried a sweet rice bowl, but this looks amazing! I love all things mango and coconut!

    • I’d only tried it with white rice as a kid, but with black rice it’s soooo good, it’s nutty and the rice doesn’t become too mushy. Heaven. x