Easy 2-Ingredient Pancake!

Of course I had to post a recipe for pancake day! Are you kidding? Not doing so would be an insult to this blog.

While last year I was tucking into a plate of red velvet pancakes, this year I decided it was time to branch out. As much as going out for pancakes is fun, there is something so special about tucking into a batch of home made pancakes. Especially when said pancakes are so easy and quick to make!

This simple recipe has been doing its rounds on the web. I was skeptical at first, but it really works! These babies came out fluffy, light, and delicious.

Pancakes via Teffy's Perks

Just eggs and banana. Thats it! Thats the two base ingredients you’ll need. I’ve also added two ingredients of my own, which for me really add on texture and taste, but you’re more than welcome to leave them out and stick to the original. Totes up to you.

Pancakes via Teffy's Perks

This recipe is gluten free, flour free, and dairy free. It’s suitable for vegetarians (but not vegans, soz) and it’s friendly on the waistline.

I know I’ve said it before and I’ll probably keep saying it until you all tell me to stop sounding like a broken record – healthy does not mean tasteless and yucky food. You can honestly have the best of both worlds.

Pancakes via Teffy's Perks

To make enough for one, you will need:

  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder Optional
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds Optional

For the toppings:

  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • Slices of banana
  • Handful of berries
  • Drizzle of honey
  • Scoop of greek yogurt

Mash your banana with a fork. When it’s nice and mushy mix in the rest of your ingredients until it’s nice and smooth (use a food processor if you like). Heat a skillet and spray on your fry light or coconut oil. Ladle your mixture on the pan and fry for about 30 seconds on each side – if you have the incredible skill to flip pancakes in the air, this is the time to do so.  Toss onto your plate, add your toppings, and enjoy!

This recipe came forth from the amazing Casey at Blogilates.

Pancakes via Teffy's PerksJust sit back and enjoy your stack of home made, delicious pancakes!Pancakes via Teffy's Perks

For me, pancakes absolutely need to have blueberries. Don’t know why, but that is my non-negotiable criteria for a good batch of pancakes.

What is your favourite pancake??

Easy 2-Ingredient Pancake!

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Easy 2-Ingredient Pancake!

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  • These look amazing! I’m practicing for the big night tonight haha (the ingredients in Italy are different to the ones at home and two days of pancakes can never be a bad thing) – I’m topping mine with orange rind, mascarpone, blueberries and honey 🙂 xxx

  • Katie

    Beautiful pictures! I love the idea of keeping the recipe so simple. Sounds amazing. Will have to give it a go!

    Katie <3

    • You should, not only is it simple but it’s quick as well – for when you just need a pancake fix! X

  • whitedahlia

    Woooow, it looks so so good!
    xoxo, Bárbara


  • Jennifer

    Looks so delicious and with pancake day tomorrow ill def give this a try!!

    J <3

  • They look so good! And so simple as well – I can’t wait to get baking pancakes later on today!

    Charlotte x


  • I’ve had these for brekkie everyday this week and I am still in shock about how something so delish can be so sin-free! Lets make everyday pancake day! x

  • I can’t believe these have so few ingredients! Awesome and so easy to throw together on a random weeknight!

    • That (besides the fact that they’re incredible) is why I love them. No need to get flour everywhere or ages to whip. Simple and quick! X

  • Two days of pancakes is the dream! Just saw your recipe – it looks so so delicious! X

  • I love simple recipes – especially during the week where I don’t have much time! X

  • I second that!! Every day should be pancake day! How has that not happened yet?! X

  • Beth
  • Jessica

    They look amazing! I just might be able to make them myself! While I love to bake, I not that great at anything else in the kitchen!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry

    • I’m not the biggest baker, but I do find it it so relaxing! X

  • Tanya Jean

    Oh my, I would eat this in a heartbeat! How scrumptious!! 🙂

    xo TJ


    • It is so so scrumptious – and healthy! X

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  • I make some pancakes very similar to these, yummmmmmm!

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